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L2 Avellan 16 october BE READY in Advertising Server/Site Zone is community website
L2 Avellan 16 october BE READY
« on: October 15, 2015, 04:30:28 PM »

EXP/SP: x45
Adena: 50x (all adena is divided by 100/all shops prices too)
Full Official C6 server (Interlude)- with custom modifications
L2Avellan weapons - jewels, Buffs 1 hour, rebirth, No class change quests.
AIO NPC Buffers:
In every important town, we have placed out AIO NPC Buffers.
The buffs last for 1 hour and they are free of charge.
New character:
When you create a new character you will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower and you will have all the needed items to be able to start playing. You can take buffs from the AIO NPC Buffer and you are good to go.
Third occupation change:
As you reach level 76 you can go to Aden Castle Town, near the church entrance and speak to the 3rd Class Changer Carola. With just one click and you are done.
Unique Rebirth system:
Once you reach level 78 you can go to Aden Castle Town and speak with our Rebirth Manager named Selenor. There you can perform a rebirth. Once you have performed the rebirth, you will be deleveled to level 1 and all of your skills will be gone. This also means that you loose your masteries (S, A, B, C, D). So be careful not to enchant any of your skills and then perform the rebirth. You will loose the enchantments. You will recieve a Book of Rebirth, Scroll of Rebirth and a Rebirth List.
Once you get the item and equip it, you will have a special passive skill, depending of your choice.
You can perform a maximum of 3 rebirths per character and each skill that you choose can be maximum of level 3.
You can choose all kinds of different combinations.
If you are not happy with your choice, just unlearn rebirths and choose again.
Once you have completed 3 rebirths you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become a Noblesse!
You need 4 crowns which can be dropped from:
- Death Lord Hallate (Black Crown)
- Kernon (Gold Crown)
- Longhorn Golkonda (Red Crown)
- Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Silver Crown)
Now, once you have collected those 4 Crowns and you are 3 rebirthed and level 78.
You go to Aden Castle Town, and walk up the stairs, toward the church and talk to our Noblesse Manager named Eddy Wally.
S Grade Weapons and Special Abilities:
There is several ways of getting S Grade Weapons.
You can either kill Raidbosses or you can farm Fire mantras.
All Raidbosses drop S Grade Weapons with special ability.
One place, of several, to farm Fire mantras is Elven Ruins.
You need 300 Fire mantras and some adena to buy a S Grade Weapon from the Mantra Manager.
S Grade Armors and Apella:
At L2Avellan you can get an advantage in pvp by Refining your armors and your jewels.
What is Refine you ask? Well, let me tell you.
You start of by buying S Grade Armor of your choice from the Mantra Manager.
The armor starts at 50% and can be upgraded all the way to 100%, by 5% at each upgrade.
You need different items to upgrade your armors and your jewels. The higher % you have, the more items you will need for the next upgrade.
Once you reach 100%, you can transform your armor into Apella.
Here is some good things to know of Refining:
The whole set needs to be the same % if you want to have the Set Bonus.
You cannot fail when you Refine.
The enchantments stay the same once you Refine your items.
The heavy sets upper & lower body needs to be the same enchantment and both pieces needs to be 100% before you can transform it into Apella Heavy
Dual boxing policy
One box and two offline shops allowed simultaneously
That means you can play with your main account, one extra box (eg a buffer) and have two offline shop in-game simultaneously.

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