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[L2J]L2Justice Interlude Mid Rate PvP Server x75  in Advertising Server/Site Zone is community website
[L2J]L2Justice Interlude Mid Rate PvP Server x75
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:11:40 AM »

# Mid Rate PvP Server #

Hello guys,

Welcome to Lineage 2 Justice: Mid Rate PvP Server,
we plan to launch on 04.10.2015 - Sunday ,
A very well built Interlude Java Server Based on Acis Last & Much more reworked,
We plan to launch a server that alot of players asked us since years to do and now we are ready to go for it.
Here you can find full description about our server & here you can find info how to connect in our server.
We are not a another 1-2month server. currently we have 1 years dedicated. now ! Login and fun !

Grand Opening: Server is Online!

Server: Interlude
Type : Mid Rate PvP Server
Global and Auto Events
Balanced ClasSes & Skills
Professional Server
DDos Protection, No Lag , Anti Bot , RGuard , CatsGuard Active !

- Interlude (C6)
- XP: 75x
- SP: 150x
- Spoil: 5x
- ADENA: 200x

-100% Retail.
-Skill modifications made for game play improvement.

-Weekly olympiad - 4 hours per day (20:00 GMT+2 )
-Minimum of 5 players required
-Non-class based to prevent class-based botting.

Subclasse & Noblesse:
-Must do the Full Subclass Without Quest
-Must do the Full Noblesse With Quest retail
-Mats are available in shop too

Clans and Castles:
-Full interlude clan system enabled up to level 8 with all sub units and clan skills
-Alliances limited to 4 clans per alliance
-No clan kick/leave penalties, players can leave and join clans without having to wait x amount of time.
-Castle sieges are every weekend. Server will start with two sieges and open more castles as the population grows.

Custom Zones:
-Cave Of Trials (Adena,Mantra,Coins, S Grade Weapons) Boss (Death Lord Shax)
-Abondoned Coal Mines / Mithril Mines (Adena,Mantra,Coins, S grade Weapons)
-Primevil Isle(Party Area) PvP - PK !

Custom Features:

-Offline Shops Avaiable!
-No party XP level limit
-Auto pick-up off/ on (.info)
-NPC Buffers in giran do not have the same buffs as AIOs ( Normal BuffeR )
-Buffs from AIOs and NPCs last 1 hours Normal player buffs are retail.
-NPCs in giran for all your Item/Consumable/Weapon/Armor Needs.
-Increased Weight Limit On All Characters
-No Death Penalty
-Trade Radius to Prevent Players From Creating Shops On Other Players or Npcs
-Augmentation System enabled ( Rates Retail)
-Herb System DISABLED

-Retail rates
-Weapon safe enchant +5, max enchant +23
-Armor/Jewel scroll safe +5 max enchant +10

-Boss Jewels drop from bosses and are DONATEABLE!
-Blessed enchants drop from bosses and are DONATEABLE!

Spoil Zone Hints:
Cave Of Trials

- Adena
- Water Mantra
- Wind Mantra
- Fire Mantra
- Special Coins & Mats
- S Grade Weapons / SA

Drop Zone Hints:
ACM / Mithril Mines

- Adena
- Water Mantra
- Wind Mantra
- Fire Mantra
- Special Coins & Mats
- S Grade Weapons / SA

Special Features :
- Unique Start Up System
- New commands that you can use in-game.
- Special Npc's ( See Above).
- Custom Farm Zones
- Custom Droplist On Raidbosses
- Main town: Giran.
- Special Coins Hydride , Thorium , Uranium , Package Gold Of Justice , Package Ancient Adena of Justice

Other & Custom Systems :
- Wedding, Fishing Systems
- 100% Castle Sieges
- Balanced Classes & Skills
- Buff time: 2 Hours
- All Skills Working
- Starting lvl 20 ( in Giran Main Town )
- Custom NPC in Clan Halls!

Enchant Rates :
Safe: +5
Max Armor: +10
Max Weapon: +23
Normal Enchant: 60% Chance
Blessed Enchant: 100% Chance

High Grade Lifestone
5% Chance
Top Grade Lifestone
10% Chance
Max Augments per char 2 ( 1 active + 1 passive ) <- From Lifestones

Custom NPC:
Armor Merchant
Weapon Merchant
Misc Merchant
Justice Merchant
Buffer L2Justice
Wedding Manager
Protector L2Justice
Global Gatekeeper
Special Gatekeeper ( For Special Zones )
Augmenter NPC
Soon More....

Custom System :
Anti Buff Protection
AIO Duals
.giran ( teleport command )
Return Skill for Teleport
.info for user panel.

E-Mails : Admin@L2Justice.com
Skype: L2Justicesupport

Linkback: https://xtremetop300.com/forum/advertising-serversite-zone/8/l2jl2justice-interlude-mid-rate-pvp-server-x75/459/
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