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[L2OFF] Lineage II Lars x75 - Interlude Private Server  in Advertising Server/Site Zone is community website
[L2OFF] Lineage II Lars x75 - Interlude Private Server
« on: November 25, 2015, 03:35:04 PM »
Lineage II Lars x75

Hello dear lineage II players. We are proud to announce our project l2 Lars.
We have been working constantly for months, to offer you the best lineage II experience.
L2 Lars private server running Interlude chronicle.

Our goal is to make the best mid rate server around.
We assure you that our team will always be here to serve you.
Your feedback and your suggestions are crucial for us.

Grand Opening: 04/12/2015
Experience (XP): x75
Skill Points (SP): x75
Drop (Adena): x50
Drop (Items): x10
Spoil: x10
Seal Stones: x8
Drop (Raidboss): x8
Drop (EpicBoss): x1
Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1

Quest item drop chance on server 66-100%
Drop (Quest Item): x5
Quest Reward: x2

Enchant rates
Safe Enchant amount: +3
Real Chance (for Regular Scrolls): 60%
Real Chance (for Blessed Scrolls): 66%

GM Shop up to Top B-grade
Material recipes added to GM Shop
Olympiad Period 2 weeks
Buff slots 22 + 4 (Divine Inspiration lvl 4)
Cat buff and Seraphim last 5 minutes
Seven Signs cycle 1 week (4 days Competition Period - 3 days Validation Period)
Augmentation System: 1 Active + 1 Passive
Life stone Skill chance: LS-4%, Mid-8%, High-16%, Top-22%
Starting Pack: Top N Grade,  ss/bss + 50.000 adena
Free teleport for all until 40 level
Offline Shops
chaotic pvp zones on all epic bosses
Autoloot system
Autolearn skills
Anti Buff Shield
Sub-class, Nobless questable / buyable
Full Working Official Geodata
100% Working all Interlude features
Full working skills, classes (Balanced)
All Quests full working (Retail)
All zones full working (MOS, Pagan, Stakato, PI)
Working Clan Halls and Castles
Full working Raid - Grand Bosses
Working cursed weapons (With Buff)
New Buffer - Buffs duration 1 hour
First class 100k, Second 1kk and
Third Class 10kk adena + 1kk ancient adena
Player commands .menu / .panel
Mana Potion - (400MP Delay 5 seconds)
Grade Penalty on
Stable server - Lag free
Bots not allowed
Protected by SmartGuard (no adrenaline, l2 tower, etc.)
DDoS Protection by HYPERFILTER

For full information visit our forum--> http://l2lars.com/forum
Register on our forum and win!

Linkback: https://xtremetop300.com/forum/advertising-serversite-zone/8/l2off-lineage-ii-lars-x75-interlude-private-server/575/

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