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Legion, the new WoW expansion comes soon! in Games News is community website
Legion, the new WoW expansion comes soon!
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:31:50 PM »
Legion, the new World of Warcraft expansion was announced during Gamescom and the announce was made without mentioning the release date. From MMO-Champion we found out that Legion will be released in 2016 and the beta test is scheduled for this year. This new WoW expansion will come with new features and content and a part of the new Legion is revealed below:
Demon Hunters
Demon Hunters will start somewhere around level 95 to 100.
Glaives are a new type of weapon that Demon Hunters use. They are a pair that comes together and fills both slots. In the future, Demon Hunters might dual wield the standard agility weapons.
The Demon Hunter Artifact glaives can be see in some of the character creation screenshots for Demon Hunters.
The team talked about having the Demon Hunter wear mail, but it didn’t fit the class identity.
Demon Hunters are agile, so they will be wearing leather. This isn’t a huge problem now that Personal Loot is used in most places.
The Demon Hunter is going to be a very agile class, so tanks may have lots of Dodge and Parry mechanics for their tanking style.
For now, Demon Hunters are the only ones who get tattoos.
Demon Hunter has been considered since Wrath of the Lich King. It finally fit the expansion’s story and theme, which is why it can be added now.
In order to fight demons, Illidan had to partner with demons. He had to sacrifice many things for great power and so do the Illidari, which is why Demon Hunters look somewhat like Illidan.
No stat squish is planned for this expansion.
The team hasn’t decided if there will be another talent row or not, as the Artifact weapon will have a decent number of choices for you to make.
Survival Hunters will be a melee class with pet going forward.
Beast Mastery Hunters will fight at range with a pet.
Marksmanship Hunters will fight at range with no pet.
Survival and Marksmanship have been too similar in the past, which is why they are being changed in Legion.
Demonology Warlocks will also be getting some bigger changes, focusing more on their demons.
Demonology Warlocks will be refocused on summoning and controlling demons rather than having Metamorphosis dominate. Other specs will still have access to demons.
Discipline Priests
Disc Priests are going to be a much more offensive healer after another pass on Atonement which will make it more interactive.
They will still have heals and PW:S, but they will sustain their healing through doing DPS.
Closer to 50% damage and 50% healing spec.
In the past, when Atonement was popular you would just spam Smite and Holy Fire all fight long and use the smart healing, which wasn’t very interactive. This time, you may throw out some single target heals giving players a buff. Next time you Smite, people who have that buff will get your healing, and you will have to refresh the buff periodically.
These changes should fix the absorb heavy nature of Discipline Priests.
Holy Priests will still be all about healing.
The team has learned some lessons from how Fistweaving works now and will talk about what they are doing to solve the problems with it in the future.
Discover more on MMO-Champion !

Legion, the new WoW expansion comes soon! in Games News is community website

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