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Ruins of the Gods update is available in Cabal II in Games News is community website
Ruins of the Gods update is available in Cabal II
« on: October 16, 2015, 11:36:59 AM »
Ruins of the Gods update has been added to Cabal II. The Ruins of the Gods is packed with the following features:
- a new zone called Gray Canyon (the land of infinite competition);
- the level cap was increased to 45, which means that new skills have been added in order to combat stronger monsters;
- new top tier equipment added;
- effect cores which can be used on equipment with an empty Effect Core slot;
- Gray Canyon warp added for all Warp NPC’s for players who are Level 40;
- Level 45 Repeatable Quests added and sold by South Cartel Agent Marianne for 10,000 Alz
- a new currency: Contribution Coin, which allows you to purchase equipment for classes, as well as upgrade Core Boxes;
- each of the six classes received new skills as following:
* Warrior - Overpower (Level 41) Player gains attack bonus and guaranteed Desperate Strike;                                                                                                                                               - Desperate Strike (Level 43) Attack Skill, can only be used when overwhelming strength is active                                                                                                                             - Demoralizing Roar (Level 44) Debuff enemies to decrease Attack and Attack Speed
* Wizard - Frostfire Maelstrom (Level 41) Attack Skill;                                                                     
              - Chains of Ice (Level 44) Attack Skill, can be instantly used if Pure Frost effect is currently active;
* Force Blader - Power of Domination: Glide (Level 41) Attack Skill, can only be used using Power of Domination: Wings of Awakening. Consumes effect when used ;                                                   
                     - Electron Discharge (Level 44) Buff Skill, boosts Attack Speed of party;                               
                     - Glare Slash (Level 45) Attack Skill;
* Force Shielder - Lightning Storm (Level 41) Attack Skill, binds multiple enemies to draw them in;
                          - Intimidating Shout (Level 42) Debuff Skill, reduces Physical Attack of nearby enemies;   
                         - Rage Retaliation (Level 44) Attack Skill;
* Force Archer - Frost Grenade (Level 41) Attack Skills, slows enemies within AOE Radius;                         
                       - Freezing Arrow (Level 42) Attack Skill, gives a chance to use Kill Shot;                               
                       - Rapid Load (Level 43) Buff Skill, removes cast time of all grenades
* Priest - Theos Mercy (Level 41) Buff Skill, reduces incoming damage;                                           
             - Devotion (Level 43) Buff Skill, improves Healing Power;                                                     
            - Retribution (Level 44) Attack Skill, uses AOE damage;                                                       
            - Dark Resistance Aura (Level 45) Reduces Dark Damage.
Now player can be ported into the Arena / Monster Arena scenarios once the bug was fixed.
In order to celebrate Ruins of the Gods update, the Cabal II team organizes the Tomb of Chain event. You can participate at this Cabal II event if you are in 6 player party with the same members from start to finish. Kill every single boss and sub-boss located in Tomb of Cain and get rewarded with an Unicorn mount for each party member!
Join and get rewarded for your effort!



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