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RuneScape goes BIG in 2016 in Games News is community website
RuneScape goes BIG in 2016
« on: October 06, 2015, 01:22:29 PM »
RuneFest 2015 was the 5th annual RuneScape convention, and it was held on 3rd October 2015,  at Tobacco Dock in London. During the convention, Jagex announced that 2016 will be a BIG, BIG year for RuneScape. Taking a simple approach, the dev wants to add a major release every month and some regular updates that will keep the game "warm". This new approach is the result of players feedback, obtained from a RuneScape survey. One of the highlights of the next year RuneScape schedule will be God Wars Dungeon 2.
This new dungeon reflects the Sixth Age conflict and it will to be a solo-oriented experience. "It's a combat update for everyone – you won't necessarily need boss combat experience, and there'll be no elaborate Raid-like mechanics to grapple with." Among the other features that will make RuneScape a greater game, we want to mention only the following ones (in order to avoid a Schindler's list):
- mining & smithing rework (no more rune platebodies at level 99);
- Nomad's elegy ( Sliske, Death and Icthlarin will all have a lot to say about Nomad's plan);
- Ballad of the Barrow Brothers ( a chance to get close to Sliske and understand the mystery behind the mask);
- Sliske's Endgame ( one tricky quest, so you better choose wisely);
- new game client;
- Fate of the Gods 2 (the third in Sliske's countdown ) and countless other features.
The all RuneScape schedule for 2016 is on their official website, in case you have time to read it!
And now, let's get back to 2015 RuneScape, where Ninjas have added the option for Virtual Levelling. "Turn it on and you'll see how far you've progressed towards that illustrious level 120 equivalent in each of your skills!"
Also, between 5th and 11th October, the National Customer Service Week will be held, which allows you to explore exactly what the dev is doing and how it does it.

RuneScape goes BIG in 2016 in Games News is community website

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