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Tips & tricks for all Star Wars Battlefront players in Games News is community website
Tips & tricks for all Star Wars Battlefront players
« on: November 18, 2015, 01:07:15 PM »
Star Wars Battlefront was released yesterday. But not all Star Wars fans could put their hand on the new game. The PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions became available yesterday for players from Canada, NA, SA, Mexico, Russia, Australia (only PC version), Asia (general) and New Zealand (only PC version). On November 19th, all versions of this long awaited game will become available in Europe, Japan, Australia (PS4 & Xbox One) and New Zealand (PS4 & Xbox One). On November 20th, the PS4 and Xbox One version will hit Portugal. Star Wars Battlefront is available in 3 editions and the price runs between 59,99 Euro and 119,98 Euro. If you didn't experience a shooter before then you should try the Training Missions first. This way you can test the blasters and X-wings and even play as Darth Vader. If you  want to experience the Star Wars battles on a large scale, then you should try Supremacy mode. If you are a fan of close-quartered combats, then Blast mode is for you. The developers are offering many tips & tricks in order to help you become a master. Let's review a part of them, here:
* Blasters & Weapons - maintain controlled fire with your blaster to manage both heat and bolt spread; the Ion Shot makes your blaster more powerful against vehicles, and weaker against troopers during its active time.
* Star Cards & Powerups - the Ion Grenade is a great way to quickly deal with pesky Droids and turrets;
- the Pulse Cannon does greater damage the longer it’s charged. A fully charged shot will defeat a person with one shot;
- the Smoke Grenade not only reduces vision, but also blocks lock-on functions for weapons, turrets and Droids;
- energy shields blocks incoming energy blasts, but solid projectiles like grenades, rockets and the Cycler Rifle slug will pass through;
- the Cycler Rifle and Pulse Cannon must be fired while scoping in order to maximize its accuracy.
* Piloting Starfighters - evasive maneuvers break missile lock and Soft Lock;
- Reduced velocity increases weapon power, increased velocity reduces weapon power for the A-wing, X-wing TIE fighter, TIE interceptor, Slave I and the Millennium Falcon.
* Miscellaneous - a Trait will grant a passive bonus and level up with kill streaks. When dying, the Trait will lose a level again;
- Droids are not only great for attacking the enemy team, they also have a scan pulse that reveals enemies to your entire team;
- The AT-ST has a weak spot on its back, try to target this when attacking one and defend it when piloting.
Also, we have a video that shows you gameplay footage on all the game modes, weapons, heroes and more! Enjoy it and may the Force be with you!

Tips & tricks for all Star Wars Battlefront players in Games News is community website 


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