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Title: Lineage 2 - Infinite Odyssey-live!
Post by: xtream on April 22, 2015, 10:21:29 PM
The time has come and today NCSoft made the announce: the latest Lineage 2 expansion, Infinite Odyssey has gone live.
The Infinite Odyssey removed the level cap, players can experience new lore and exploration opportunities, they can spend
the next month enjoying +50% bonus XP, can push onward to a new tier of advancement past Noblesse, becoming Exalted and gaining acces to new exclusive skills. This new expansion comes in time with the game's 11th anniversary celebration,
and the players have only benefits, like: no death penalty, free teleports, new items in the game's cash shop and an anniversary gift packed with goodies. Xtremetop300 team encourages you to take part to the celebration!