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Title: Deadly Boss Mods Updated for World of Warcraft 6.1 & HudMap Support and More
Post by: xtream on February 26, 2015, 12:13:59 PM
WoW raiders rejoice, DBM has received a day one update to bring it on par with WoW's latest 6.1 patch, in addition, it has received some interesting new updates to the code. First, all Heroes of the Storm voice countdowns are now within the mod, a big upgrade for fans of HotS. In addition, massive updates to the Blackrock Foundry portion of the addon along with tons of bugfixes.

    Refactored voice countdown code a bit to make it easier to be 3rd party extendable. It was only extendable by voice packs before. Now it can be extended via new DBM:RegisterCountSound() function to directly inject new countdowns into DBM through lua.
    Added all English Heroes of the Storm audio countdowns.
    Added user submitted ptBR updates to help catch that language up a bit.
    Gear check on pull now also checks for fishing pole or missing weapon.
If you don't use DBM, then you don't know what you're missing - DBM is the best (in my full 10 years of WoW playing experience) addon for handling raids and dungeons, with call outs if you are standing in the fire and helpful tools to make boss encounters capable of being done with Human skill.

In other DBM related news, for those updating just now for the 6.1 update, you may find a really cool new feature called HudMap. Back in Wrath there was a very useful addon called AVr that let you draw on the actual world, which enabled the addon to pretty much highlight where to stand and what was going on. Blizzard broke it and HudMap came in to replace it. It wasn't updated for periods of time and different groups tried to keep it up to date, but now the DBM team has integrated it into the addon with tons of modifications to make sure it isn't CPU heavy and really provides some super useful tools.