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Title: World of Warcraft - the Champion’s Strongboxes and a hotfix !
Post by: xtream on July 20, 2015, 03:50:54 PM
There is no patch or update that comes “free of sugar”, so patch 6.2 from WoW couldn’t miss this “opportunity”. That’s why, from is launch has gathered plenty of “karma feedback” regarding the Champion’s Strongboxes from Ashran and Rated Battlegrounds. That lead to a clarification post made by Lore (the WoW community manager) with the purpose of chilling the players. First of all:
“Strongboxes can never reward items that can be purchased with Conquest Points.
Strongboxes can never reward cloaks, necks, or rings.
Strongboxes can never reward items with set bonuses.”
Second point on the agenda: “In addition, we’re currently in the process of applying a hotfix that will remove the Versatility belts, boots, and bracers from the Strongboxes, and make them available on the Conquest vendors instead. Once this hotfix is active, Champion’s Strongboxes will only reward helms, chestpieces, gloves, shoulders, and legs, as well as the Accolade random stat trinkets. Remember that armor pieces earned from Strongboxes do not grant set bonuses, so most players will only want to equip one of those pieces.We can all conclude that those new changes made to the PvP rewards will convince the WoW players to claim that the Ashran needs to be removed.
Source> https://mmorpg-news.net