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Title: Aion Online 4.8 update will soon hit the Europe servers
Post by: xtream on September 25, 2015, 10:00:37 AM
Aion Online gets new regions with the 4.8 update which will be added to the Europe servers on September 30th. Gameforge, the online game provider responsible with Aion Online in Europe is giving us a fly-through video over the Signia and Vengar. We can see in this exploring video that these two regions have a strong aquatic theme. From the moment when the 4.8 update will be available, the old regions (ex. Tiamaranta, Sarpan, Katalam) will be deleted. Also, Gameforge will merge the UK with TR servers, a national server with an international server. Interesting move made by Gameforge, I wonder what kind of feedback will receive from the Aion community.
Have a look at the video to see if this new Aion regions will help you forget the old and familiar ones.
Source> www.mmorpg-news.net