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Title: Plane of Health, a healthy part of Norrath
Post by: xtream on October 20, 2015, 03:41:36 PM
With less then one month until EverQuest (https://xtremetop300.com/category/everquest) adds the Broken Mirror, is 22nd expansion,  we are invited to discover the Plane of Health. This is part of Norrath where residents and visitors are constantly healed. In the 22nd EverQuest expansion, The Broken Mirror, players will begin their adventures in the Plane of Health. The Broken Mirror expansion is available for pre-order in three versions: Standard Edition, Collector's Edition and Premium Edition. You will be transported to the Plane of Health when you use Touchstone of Health and the Cynosure of Health, which can be found in the Collector's and Premium editions of the new EQ expansion. Once you arrive in Plane of Health you will discover vigorous residents and also you will come upon a small oddly-shaped crypt. The beta test for the Broken Mirror starts on October 21st. Pre-ordering gives you immediate access to The Broken Mirror beta server and Shroud of the Bokon, a special illusion item.
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