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Title: GW 2 Heart of Thorns changes according to players feedback
Post by: xtream on October 28, 2015, 10:48:37 AM
Heart of Thorns, the first Guild Wars 2 expansion is live since October 23th. Guild Wars 2 is enjoying some great statistics when it comes to popularity among players. Based on this huge popularity, the Heart of Thorns expansion was quickly devoured by the GW2 players. The feedback received from players, played a major role into the development process and according to ArenaNet it will continue to be considered as the expansion ages. In these 5 days since GW 2 Heart of Thorns is available, players were able to find some features that need to be changed in order to meet their expectations. This constructive feedback refers to the rate at which elite specializations are unlocked and how that ties in with the Mastery system. ArenaNet received the players feedback and decided to reduce the cost of unlocking every possible ability for an elite specialization from 400 hero points to 250 hero points total. This will lead to an earlier access of them in PvE or WvW and also an earlier fully unlock.
Another request from players targets the new Adventure minigames which become very popular among fans. " The Bugs in the Branches, Shooting Gallery, Flying Circus, and Beetle Feast adventures will now all be made open for play more often. While major mapwide events are going on (survive through the night, the battle for Tarir, and the Trexus boss battle), adventures will remain unavailable as the map is under assault and needs your help!"
ArenaNet will continue to listen to the players feedback and make changes according to their demands. This is a promise!
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