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Title: Cabal Online adds the Art of War update
Post by: xtream on November 18, 2015, 05:29:33 PM
Cabal Online adds the Art of War content update, today. This new Cabal update adds more content and it also makes some changes into the game. So, let's start with additions.
1. Memoria Chrysos Battlefield has a maximum capacity of 100 players/nation, with a battle time of 30 minutes and you can enter on the battlefield if you have level 170-200.
2. PvP battle - you can join it if you are a character with level 52 or higher, from an afiliated nation. PvP is available inside the kigdom. You have 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5 and 7 vs 7 mode with a duration of 10 min./15 min./20 min./30 min.
3. Elite Dungeon - the existing dungeons and dungeon play remains the same, but a dungeon play remains the same, but a dungeon boost structure can be activated internally, increasing the dungeon difficulty.
4. Runes - 16 Rune slots are currently available, 3 Rune slots will be added from Rune Slot Extender which generates a total of 19 Rune slots available.
5. Chaos Talisman of Destruction - a higher grade version of the existing one and it can be obtained through a request by Craft Merchant Chloe in Port Lux.
6. Minesta's Chaos Belt Enchant Level - was now increased to 20 and it can not downgrade below +15.
7. New Accessory 'Carnelian'.
8. Customized Blessing Beads - will be available two types of Blessing Beads: a) Premium Bead (Blessing Bead - Plus and Blessing Bead - Superior {New Item}).
b) Normal Bead (EXP, Skill EXP, Pet EXP, AXP, Drop Rate, Alz Bomb Rate).
9. Quest - nation scenario quests for level 103-149 will be added.
Now let's review the changes.
1. Chaos Upgrade UI improvements - when an upgrade item is registered, the required number of Chaos Cores for the upgrade is displayed.
2. In-Game Shop - you can sale items with various sale conditions;
3. Inventory UI;
4. Costume Display Option;
5. Dungeon Entry UI to display drop list;
6. The maximum looting amount (previously 1) has been changed to 5 when Alz and Fragments of Chaos are looted;
7. The quest handling method when changing nations has been changed via quest;
8. Personal Shop - when an item is purchased through an individual shop, the item name is now displayed in the purchase UI.
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