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Title: Two new patches have been added in Conquer Online
Post by: xtream on January 14, 2016, 04:59:09 PM
Patch 6179 and 6180 have been released in Conquer Online. With patch 6179 the Dis City and Evil Labyrinth have been upgraded. Meanwhile the patch 6180 comes with the following highlights:
- from January 14th and until January 31st Chi Pack Salesman (Twin City 50, 50) is offering Radiant Chi Pack and Blooming Chi Pack. Heroes could purchase Chi Packs to get more Chi Points at super cheap prices;
- you could find Chi Sage (Twin City 100,100) to use Chi Points to play roulette (four kinds of roulette's).
- every hero can find Chi Study Sponsor (Twin City 100, 100) to claim rewards once you improve your Chi Attribution upon 80. According to the number of attribution which you locked, you can claim different reward. Once you receive the Cash Back Ticket, you will be able to share the total amount $10,000 Cash. For instance, if there are 10 Cash Back tickets, then every ticket could get you back $1,000. Study Chi to win up to $10,000!
- the anti-bot system will be updated for a better gaming experience.
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