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[L2J-H5] OFFICIAL OPENING Eternia High Five x5 in Advertising Server/Site Zone is community website
[L2J-H5] OFFICIAL OPENING Eternia High Five x5
« on: September 11, 2021, 06:35:46 PM »
The Eternia server belongs to the JPSZone project, that is, it is not any other server that has to do with another project, nor is it related.

JPSZone is a project with a long history over time, totally developed in private, using the Java programming language (from Java 7 to the current Java 16) to perform the necessary server functions. The beginnings of the project date back around the year 2009 ~ 2010.

The Eternia server is a public emulation server for a famous MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), in its latest update (update 3) of High Five, fully RETAIL and only equipped with some minimal assists / functionalities, which will allow the player enjoyment, comfort and playability.

The Eternia server was created with the intention of not making the player lose the essence and emotion that the chronicle possesses against previous and later chronicles.

In Eternia, we do not edit or alter any setting that has to do with the RETAIL operation of the different functionalities that the chronicle brings by default. We also do not have unbalanced classes, multiskills, or cumulative skills or customizations of any kind.

You will be able to find functionalities that you have probably never seen, or if you have seen them, you may check that they are repaired and / or improved.

We insist that the server is oriented to RETAIL, NOT CUSTOM.

In the Eternia server, we do not want to discriminate against anyone based on language, therefore, Eternia is a multilanguage server between players, with a single exception, communication with the Staff, which depending on the case, will have to be in the Spanish language of Spain or in the English language of the United Kingdom.

We inform that the Eternia server is updated monthly.

Every Wednesday morning, automatically, by means of a reboot of the system, the addons, corrections, improvements that the staff have processed up to that moment that do not affect the core of the emulator are entered into execution. Players who are online will be warned of the restart, with a countdown message on the screen and in the chat window, informing them in the different intervals of the remaining time. During the reboot process, the static data of the emulator is stored until the reboot moment.

At the security level, Eternia has anti-DoS protection from a prestigious and recognized external company, which, we consider to be effective and efficient enough to mitigate the attacks that may occur from unwanted attacks that could interrupt the service.

We invite you to join the best server, ours, that you enjoy it and that you also invite your friends to share it.

Here are the main features of the Eternia server:

.:. Server Rates .:.
> Experience (EXP): 5x
> Skill Points (SP): 5x
> Adena: 5x
> Items Drop: 5x
> Spoil: 5x
> Quest Experience (EXP): 5x
> Quest Skill Points (SP): 5x
> Quest Drop Items: 5x
> Quest Adena: 5x
> Additional Quest Multipliers: 5x
> Weight Limit: 1x
> Party Multiplier (EXP and SP): 1.5x
> Manor: 5x
> Raid Drop: 5x (Grand RaidBosses jewelry amount 1x)
> Hellbound Increase/Decrease: 5x
> Pets Experience (EXP): 5x
> Sin Eater Experience (EXP): 5x

.:. Basic Configurations (Retail-Like) .:.
> Buff Slots: 20 | Dance and Songs Slots: 12 and 12
> Auto Learn Skills: No; Forgotten and/or Divine Inspiration Autolearn: No
> Sell and craft offline mode enabled
> Vitality System
> Nevit’s Blessing System, Nevit’s Hourglass and Nevit’s Herald System
> Champions System DISABLED
> Wedding System
> PcBang Points System | Lucky Pigs System
> High Five Treasure Chests System
> All Seven Signs Quest (12 Quests)
> Spawn Return System
> Pailaka Working
> Kamaloka Working
> Rim Kamaloka Working
> Elpies, Rabbits, Race events scheduled
> Fishing King Championship Tournament Event
> Kratei’s Cube Event
> Aerial Cleft Event
> Enhanced Players Security with Secondary Auth Password
> Planned Maintenance Reboot (Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM server local time,
warning the players online 10 minutes before)
> Full Geodata & Pathnodes
> Raid Informer NPC with Raidboss status and date
> NPC Delevel Manager in Giran Town
> Shift + Click Droplist on Monsters
> Global Shout & Trade Chat

.:. Commands .:.
> .expon and .expoff – Enable and disable EXP gain
> .teletocl – Teleports you near your clan leader
> .online – Show you in-game players
> .changepassword – Change the actual password by another one
> .changeemail – Change the actual email by another one
> .repair character name – Repair broken players
> .store – Update player data (in case of emergency)
> .premium – Check your premium status
> .loot – Check your actual Loot settings
> .autoloot – Loot all item(s)
> .raidloot – Loot all item(s) from raids or raid minions
> .itemloot – Loot all better item(s)
> .herbloot – Loot recovery(s) herb(s)

.:. Scheduled Events Calendar .:.
> Angel Cat Event. Available from October 26 to October 30
> Catch a Tiger Event. Available from October 12 to October 26
> Coffer Of Shadows Event. Available from October 24 to November 07
> Freya Celebration Event. Available from August 24 to September 14
> Gift Of Vitality Event. Available from July 13 to July 20
> Halloween Event. Available from October 20 to November 01
> Heavy Medal Event. Available from August 31 to September 19
> L2Day Event. Available from November 21 to November 26
> Lovers' Jubilee Event. Available from February 09 to February 23
> Love Your Gatekeeper Event. Available from January 20 to January 27
> Master of Enchanting Event. Available from February 21 to March 07
> Playing with Fire Event. Available from July 03 to July 11
> Save the Cow. Available from October 12 to December 26
> Saving Santa Event. Available from December 16 to December 30
> Squash Event. Available from June 09 to June 23
> Valentine Event. Available from February 10 to February 17
> Wintermelon Woes. Available from December 14 to December 28
> Zaken's Curse Event. Available from September 23 to October 07

.:. Dedicated Machine Information .:.
> Chassis: 19 inch 4U rack-mountable chassis
> Server: Intel - 2,33 GHz - 4 cores
> Memory: 8 GB
> Masive storage: 500 GB
> Operating system: Linux Server 64 bits
> Connection: 600 Mbps symmetric
> Connection type: Optical fiber
> Power supply: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

.:. Links.:.
Website: https://www.jpszone.com
Forum: https://www.jpszone.com/forum

Linkback: https://xtremetop300.com/forum/advertising-serversite-zone/8/l2j-h5-official-opening-eternia-high-five-x5/867/

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